Why a WaterDrop? Why a House?

In order to understand the Church Logo, you must first understand how the name arose. In 2003 during a New years eve service, Pastor TR heard God say that you would start a church, and the name would be Bethesda House.  In 2007 during a phone conversation Pastor TR was having about Ezekiel 47:1-12 (click here to read scripture) God begin to clarify the vision of BHI church.

Ezekiel 47 describes how the prophet is taken to the temple, and to his discovery water is flowing from the temple. Upon further examination the prophet see that the water is flowing from under the altar in the holy place, out towards the east gate, and then down into the valley into the river.  as the water flows from the altar into the river it gets deeper as it goes the further.  When asked what he see’s the prophet exclaims, he see’s an abundance of different kind of fruit bearing trees which are nourished by the water, and that everything that was in the water and touched by the water was healed. That the sea (the dead sea) was now filled with different kinds of fish, and there was no lack, but abundance.

John 5:1-15 (click here to read scripture) is the story of the man who has been sitting at the pool of Bethesda, a sheep gate with a house that has five porches, for 38 years.  Jesus comes by, see’s the man and ask him if he wants to be made well. After a brief response, Jesus looks at the man, and tells him to take up his bed and walk.

In both scriptural text, water is present, and healing is present.  In the Ezekiel text the water follows for the place of worship and sacrifice (out of the temple from the altar). The Temple both represents our lives and the local church.  The Altar represents the place of worship and sacrifice, and the water represents the spirit of God. The further the water gets from the temple the deeper it gets.  BHI Church is designed to be a place that as we present ourselves to God (at the place of worship) God then sends us out (like the water) to make an impact in the world. The water serves as a life giving source to the outside world, providing healing and nourishment.  Much like God desires to send His spirit into the world through us to provide healing and nourishment to the world.  In Both scriptures God’s presence is the difference maker.

Our Logo: Is blue to represent the color of water and the spirit of God. It is a water drop to represent the spirit of God which flows through in us and through us, to heal us and cause for us to be agents of healing.  The House inside the water-drop represents community, God’s grace, protection and provision.

Our Church Name:

  • Bethesda- place of five porches  (5 representing God’s grace)
  • House-the gathering place of worship. A place to call home.
  • International- 2-fold: 1. multicultural worshipping community. 2. We are called to minister to people in different countries across the world. 1 House, with many rooms.
  • Church- our identifier that Christ is our Head.
  • Interpretation-Bethesda House  “House of Grace”